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History tutoring. The Best Way to Study History. provides tutoring at a reasonable cost which allows students to connect with professional tutors on a 24/7 basis to gain knowledge about the past. The article was co-authored with Carrie Adkins, PhD. Students can communicate live via contact them when they are available and receive personalized feedback. Carrie Adkins is the cofounder of NursingClio Open Access, an open-access journal that is peer-reviewed and collaborative which connects the work of scholars from the past to the present issues in medical and gender issues.’s tutoring service is flexible regarding how assistance is given.

She earned her PhD in American History at the University of Oregon in the year 2013. Apart from meetings with tutors and videos tutorials, other material for lessons and activities as well as exams for practice. In the essay course of completing her PhD she also received numerous research grants that were competitive including teaching fellowships, teaching scholarships, and writing prizes. Membership in tutoring includes all the tutoring services mentioned and includes access to the premium features and millions of homework problems and their answers as well as online tutoring chat sessions. This post has been seen 28967 times.

Get useful feedback and get answers to your history questions. methods of history tutoring: Chat live, set a timer for the future or send a message. The study of history can be simple and fun in the event that you work hard inside and outside from the school. You can access all the history tutoring options Find help for World History, US History, European History, Asian History and much more. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge exam coming up and trying to study for the prior night, or seeking to sharpen the skills you need to master for studying for history courses there are some steps you can take to prepare. Available on-demand or scheduled tutoring chats 24/7 homework help from experts Access to’s high-quality educational tools, such as video lessons, practice tests and much more. Make notes during lectures and while reading the textbooks assigned Do not hesitate to contact (or contact via email) your professor, instructor or teacher in case there are any concerns. Access to unlimited access to millions homework problems with responses tutors have expertise in their fields to ensure you have a positive learning experience as well as quick access to support.

This information can be included on the syllabus. History Teaching All Tutoring. For instance, you do not be required to record Abraham Lincoln’s height exactly. Tutoring Membership. But, it is important to write on the exact dates for the Civil War and the date of the Gettysburg Address, for example.

For parents and teachers. If, for instance, you’re researching your research on the Cold War, organize major historical events such as those of the Manhattan Project, the Cuban Missile Crisis, along with the demise of the Berlin Wall in the order when they took place. Lecturing Plans and Lesson Ideas designed for History Teachers. Make use of several sources to ensure an accurate and reliable historical study. offers a variety of lesson plans, activities games, and activities to assist teachers in creating engaging courses on US History, World History, along with European History. For example, you can write down the causal linkages between major 20th century historical events, such as those of the American Great Depression, World War II as well as the growth of the Soviet Union.

Teachers can make use of these plans to develop an entire class or as a complement to their current curriculum. It is important to add an appropriate date to every event and images on the map. They are organized by specific areas of study and historical time periods. Thus, when the map says "Cuban Missile Crisis," include "October, 1962." Don’t add information you don’t require. Lesson plans. You can try asking for example, "I’m having a hard to remember which names were used by the Soviet leaders.

This set of Civil War and Reconstruction lesson plans are designed to help teachers strengthen and improve and improve their US class on American history. Could you help me remember of the leaders who succeeded Stalin?" For the school years from elementary to high school Plans include topics for essays and activities, games as well as project ideas and more. If, for instance, you’re studying for 6 weeks the American Civil War, don’t attempt to recall the names of each battle or military move.

The lesson plans provide assignments and essay topics for subjects such as those of the Early American Republic, the War of 1812, the Monroe Doctrine, Manifest Destiny, Native Americans, the Mexican-American War, and the Antebellum time period. Instead, you should focus on recalling the names of 4-5 important people from both sides as well as 4-5 major battles and the causes of the war as well as the aftermath.

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