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Iris- Weaving Threads of Love, where every stitch embraces the heart! 

Step into a world of warmth and tenderness, where skilled hands entwine the finest threads of compassion, creating masterpieces that radiate love and comfort. Each creation is a testament to the power of love, bringing joy and solace to those who hold them close.



100% Organic

Environment Friendly

Azo- free Dyes

Responsible Manufacturing

Meet Our People

Meet the visionary muse behind Iris, the enchanting world of sustainable style – Susmi Veliyath, where dreams are spun with threads of compassion.


Susmi Veliyath

"Dress your little adventurers in eco-friendly wonders, where style meets sustainability in every stitch."

About Iris

Incepted in 2019 with a radiant vision and unwavering passion, Iris emerged as a beacon of conscious style for the next generation. Our journey began with a simple yet profound idea – to envelop our young trailblazers in clothing that not only captures hearts with its timeless charm but also embraces the planet with open arms.

At Iris, we weave dreams and aspirations into every thread, curating a kaleidoscope of sustainable garments that dance effortlessly between fashion and ethics. Our mission is to redefine children's clothing, infusing each creation with the splendor of eco-conscious craftsmanship. Through a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition, we craft pieces that ignite joy, inspire wonder, and leave a gentle footprint on the Earth.

With a palette of nature-inspired hues and a commitment to using only the finest sustainable fabrics, Iris stands as a testament to a world where comfort, style, and responsibility interlace flawlessly. Join us on this enchanting voyage as we dress the future with the hues of sustainability, making every stride a step towards a more beautiful, compassionate world. Welcome to Iris – where each garment tells a story of love for our little ones and the planet they will inherit.

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